Yachting Article – How To Choose The Best Hong Kong Yacht Broker

Creative Juices is publishing books and magazines for the yachting industry. Hong Kong is a yachting hub so here is an article we recently printed about how to choose the best yacht broker Hong Kong.

A yacht broker is basically a yachting company with expert knowledge that acts as the middleman when buying or selling boats. These brokerages deal with all the aspects of buying and selling of yachts. Things you wouldn’t have even thought of. If you are selling then they feature and advertise your boat. If you are looking to buy then you can give them details of what you are looking for and they will find similar boats available on the market.

Yacht brokers also deal with yacht builders like Sunseeker, handle construction of new yachts and boats.

Choosing your property agent may be tough, but it is not nearly as important as choosing a yacht broker. This is because the practice here is rather delicate and very significant to your bottom line. Choosing the wrong agent here could cost you a lot of money.

A good yacht broker in HK needs to have a number of outstanding qualities, which include:

  • Proper Licences
  • Professionalism
  • Specialised Knowledge
  • Experience, References and Contacts
  • Contacts in the marinas in Gold Coast and membership of Royal Hong Kong Yacht club and Hebe Haven Yacht Club.


A yacht broker in Hong Kong needs to have the appropriate license from the S.A.R. Government  in order to practice within the territory. Without this license, they could be lacking the necessary qualifications, thus you risk them not handling the paperwork properly. Your sale could be null and void and you could be out of pocket at the end of the day. The basic factor that you should consider is whether the broker you are considering has a license from the relevant authorities within HK.


Professionalism in this case is mostly about honesty. Most yacht sellers in Hong Kong have marketing strategies that try to popularize them within the territory as so many people own boats because of all the surrounding islands. These practitioners often claim to handle all your problems, but in fact don’t handle the details properly. A good yacht broker will be able to tell you every thing you need to do to buy a boat or sell your luxury sports yacht. Rather than wasting time and risking your money, they should be able to find you a buyer or seller and handle the relevant paperwork for you. Yacht brokers who keep requesting you to lower your price or don’t know the specifications of the boats are unprofessional. You need to stay away from them, especially since they often do not know what they are doing, and are just in it for a quick buck. Professionalism is what separates the good brokers from the misleading ones.

Good yacht brokers will put money into making great sales videos like this to help sell your boat. In this case it is a Sunseeker Yachts Hong Kong that is featured for sale.


Luxury yachts are very complex machines that take a lot of maintanance. This is why some of the best broker choose to specialize in one type of boat or another rather than trying to sell any kind of boat. In order to get the best yacht broker, you need to find one who has a specialization in the kind of boat that you want to buy or the boats for sale you have. The best yacht broker in Hong Kong would be the one who is specific in focusing on motor yachts or sailing yachts. There is a big difference between selling sailing yachts to selling motor luxury super yachts.

Experience and references

A yacht broker can be good even if they have just started their business as they have often been boating their whole lives and know all the people in the Hong Kong Yacht club. But it is often safer to go for one who has a number of dependable references. References in this case serve as an assurance for you since you are going to place your most prized possession in their hands . These references are however not the ones that you will find on their websites, but rather from other people in HOng Kong on websites such as Asia Expat, websites that they cannot manipulate. The best Hong Kong Yacht Broker should have positive reviews amongst the city’s yachting and boating community, since they are the main customers.  Gillespie Yachts was one broker that came recommended many times in HK

Contacts and Membership

You will need to consider that brokers are only as good as the contacts they have. They should have a large network of people with boats for sale in Hong Kong.  The best luxury yacht broker should therefore have a number of contacts that they can call upon to sell your boat in Hong Kong or other countries. They should also belong to a professional association to stamp their qualification and ensure that the boats they sell are of high quality. Generally, the best yacht broker should know all the recent developments in Hong Kong for yacht sellers.